Monday, April 24, 2006


Carefully researched, fascinating stories of children in India since 3500 B.C. … imagination takes off from carefully researched facts … a fascinating treat for children…an activity trail that innovatively makes fact finding a fun-filled exercise (The Deccan Herald)

The author's credentials have resulted in creating just that exciting blend of fact and fiction … an inveigling story line… a delightful collection that must grace the bookshelf of every child … (Uma Girish , Indian review of Books)

The stories are narrated in simple clear language evoking the sights and sounds of the particular region… the judicious mix of fact and fiction keeps you interested and kindles an interest to know more … a treasure trove of knowledge and fun, an unusual blend indeed … (Rohini Ramakrishna, The Hindu)

This book is definitely worth picking up. Especially if your history lessons have bored you. For this teaches you that history is about real people and as fascinating as any work of fiction. (Priya M Menon , School Magazine)

… sure to appeal to the age group mentioned …(N.Meera Raghavendra Rao, The Hindu)

Padma is able to explain scientific concepts … without talking down to children … the narrative tone is original and lively, the facts are given in an accessible form … (Prema Srinivasan, The Hindu)

Lovely books …I know children will love the slim books … (Afternoon Dispatch and Courier)

…a rare sensitivity to the sights and sounds of nature … well attuned to the swing of choice words… (Prema Nandakumar, The Deccan Herald)

TV Padma's delightful book is a boon for curious children … the stories are meticulously researched … The author's scientific background is evident in the careful sidenotes and detailed bibliography … The charm of the stories is not restricted to their unusual settings. Each story goes beyond location to capture a situation that is timeless and universal… Older children will be intrigued … and this book will go far towards increasing their appreciation for history and good writing. (Susan Chacko,

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Post-doctoral research, 2001-2003: Department of Environmental Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA.
Ph.D., 2001: Oceanography, College of William and Mary, USA.
Bsc., 1989: Chemistry and Environmental Science, St. Joseph’s College, India.


The Albertosaurus Mystery (working title; accepted for publication by Bearport Publishers, USA); Picture Book.
Seeking starry secrets: The astronomer, Caroline Herschel (working title; accepted for publication by Morgan Reynolds, USA); Adult/ Young Adult biography.
2004: The Forbidden Temple, historical fiction novel, (ages 10 and over), Tulika, India. The 2nd edition of this book was printed in 2005 in conjunction with Orient Longman; translation rights have been sold; a chapter has been adapted for use in a text book.
2004: Paper etchings, (poetry), The Writer’s Workshop, India.
2003: Around the world with animals. Series of 8 books published by Brightsparks, India.
2001: The amazing animal kingdom. Series of 10 books published by Neve, India.

Published juvenile fiction (magazines):
The most valuable treasure (accepted), Highlights magazine, USA.
How Savitri tricked the God of Death (accepted), Cricket magazine, USA.
Ali’s Olive Jar (accepted), Spider magazine, USA.
2005: Chichibio and the one-legged crane. Faces, USA.
2004: Birbal and the Barber, Spider, (Carus publications) USA. Reprint and translation rights for this article sold to Measured Progress Company (Local Market Itembank), in 2006.
2003: A fair division. Highlights for children, USA.
2002: Rounding up camels. Odyssey, (Carus publications) USA.

Published juvenile non-fiction (magazines):
Polar Dinosaurs (accepted), Calliope (Carus publications), USA.
2006: Is this a Rembrandt, Calliope (Carus publications), USA.
2006: The Rabbit in the Moon, Appleseeds (Carus publications), USA.
2006: Shinto, Appleseeds (Carus publications), USA.
2006: Saffron Yoghurt, Calliope (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Sounding out the sea’s secrets, Faces (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Mapping Distant Planets, Faces (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Marie Tharp, Faces (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Craig Kielburger, Appleseeds (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Sea monsters in Kansas, Ask (Carus publications), USA.
2001: High Tech on the High Seas. Appleseeds (Carus Publications), USA.
2000: Space, Science Weekly (contract work for Harcourt and Steck-Vaughn publishers). 1999-2003: Science writer for the children’s magazine, Chatterbox.
1998: Science and Law (series), The Hindu, India.
1995: Non-fiction writer for the children’s magazine Gokulam, India.

Poetry for children:
My face, 1995, Gokulam, India
Morning Gold, 1995, A Place in the Woods, USA

Poetry for adults:
1998: The Wait (nominated for the 24th Annual Pushcart Prize), Snowy Egret, USA
1999: Moment in a Park, Snowy Egret, USA
1995: Beetle, Mobius, USA
1995: Dusk, Mobius, USA
1994: Shell, The Parnassus Literary Journal, USA
1991: Raindrop and the Leaf, East West Publishers, India
1988: On Being Indian, Wake up India Magazine, India
1987: The Dark Pond that Shone with Light, Delhi‑London Poetry Quarterly, UK

Regular science columns for children:
· Monthly columns written for Maitree (TCS) website.
· Science world. Weekly science column, The Hindu newspaper, est. 1848., India.
· Science! Weekly science column, The Times of India, NIE.
· Brain food. Quarterly math and science column for Kahani, a magazine for South Asian American children, USA.

Writing scholarships:
Highlights Foundation annual writer’s conference at Chataqua, 2006.

· India (special interests: Indian history, folklore, architecture, sculpture, painting, classical music, philosophy, biographies of Indians, especially philosophers and scientists)
· Mathematics, K-12.
· Physics (special interests: atmosphere and hydrosphere, ocean currents and water movement)
· Chemistry (special interests: environmental chemistry, pollution)
· Geology (special interests: plate tectonics, climate change)
· Oceanography (special interests: ancient marine life; marine biology; microbiology; marine technology; water chemistry; rivers; seas; explorers; navigation)
· History of science (special interests: multicultural contributions; biographies of female scientists and scientists of color)
. Environmental Engineering