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Post-doctoral research, 2001-2003: Department of Environmental Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA.
Ph.D., 2001: Oceanography, College of William and Mary, USA.
Bsc., 1989: Chemistry and Environmental Science, St. Joseph’s College, India.


The Albertosaurus Mystery (working title; accepted for publication by Bearport Publishers, USA); Picture Book.
Seeking starry secrets: The astronomer, Caroline Herschel (working title; accepted for publication by Morgan Reynolds, USA); Adult/ Young Adult biography.
2004: The Forbidden Temple, historical fiction novel, (ages 10 and over), Tulika, India. The 2nd edition of this book was printed in 2005 in conjunction with Orient Longman; translation rights have been sold; a chapter has been adapted for use in a text book.
2004: Paper etchings, (poetry), The Writer’s Workshop, India.
2003: Around the world with animals. Series of 8 books published by Brightsparks, India.
2001: The amazing animal kingdom. Series of 10 books published by Neve, India.

Published juvenile fiction (magazines):
The most valuable treasure (accepted), Highlights magazine, USA.
How Savitri tricked the God of Death (accepted), Cricket magazine, USA.
Ali’s Olive Jar (accepted), Spider magazine, USA.
2005: Chichibio and the one-legged crane. Faces, USA.
2004: Birbal and the Barber, Spider, (Carus publications) USA. Reprint and translation rights for this article sold to Measured Progress Company (Local Market Itembank), in 2006.
2003: A fair division. Highlights for children, USA.
2002: Rounding up camels. Odyssey, (Carus publications) USA.

Published juvenile non-fiction (magazines):
Polar Dinosaurs (accepted), Calliope (Carus publications), USA.
2006: Is this a Rembrandt, Calliope (Carus publications), USA.
2006: The Rabbit in the Moon, Appleseeds (Carus publications), USA.
2006: Shinto, Appleseeds (Carus publications), USA.
2006: Saffron Yoghurt, Calliope (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Sounding out the sea’s secrets, Faces (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Mapping Distant Planets, Faces (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Marie Tharp, Faces (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Craig Kielburger, Appleseeds (Carus publications), USA.
2005: Sea monsters in Kansas, Ask (Carus publications), USA.
2001: High Tech on the High Seas. Appleseeds (Carus Publications), USA.
2000: Space, Science Weekly (contract work for Harcourt and Steck-Vaughn publishers). 1999-2003: Science writer for the children’s magazine, Chatterbox.
1998: Science and Law (series), The Hindu, India.
1995: Non-fiction writer for the children’s magazine Gokulam, India.

Poetry for children:
My face, 1995, Gokulam, India
Morning Gold, 1995, A Place in the Woods, USA

Poetry for adults:
1998: The Wait (nominated for the 24th Annual Pushcart Prize), Snowy Egret, USA
1999: Moment in a Park, Snowy Egret, USA
1995: Beetle, Mobius, USA
1995: Dusk, Mobius, USA
1994: Shell, The Parnassus Literary Journal, USA
1991: Raindrop and the Leaf, East West Publishers, India
1988: On Being Indian, Wake up India Magazine, India
1987: The Dark Pond that Shone with Light, Delhi‑London Poetry Quarterly, UK

Regular science columns for children:
· Monthly columns written for Maitree (TCS) website.
· Science world. Weekly science column, The Hindu newspaper, est. 1848., India.
· Science! Weekly science column, The Times of India, NIE.
· Brain food. Quarterly math and science column for Kahani, a magazine for South Asian American children, USA.

Writing scholarships:
Highlights Foundation annual writer’s conference at Chataqua, 2006.

· India (special interests: Indian history, folklore, architecture, sculpture, painting, classical music, philosophy, biographies of Indians, especially philosophers and scientists)
· Mathematics, K-12.
· Physics (special interests: atmosphere and hydrosphere, ocean currents and water movement)
· Chemistry (special interests: environmental chemistry, pollution)
· Geology (special interests: plate tectonics, climate change)
· Oceanography (special interests: ancient marine life; marine biology; microbiology; marine technology; water chemistry; rivers; seas; explorers; navigation)
· History of science (special interests: multicultural contributions; biographies of female scientists and scientists of color)
. Environmental Engineering

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