Monday, October 30, 2006

The Albertosaurus Mystery: Philip Currie's Hunt in the Badlands

My latest work, a picture book, has just been released by Bearport Publishing ( It was fun to write a nonfiction book that reads like fiction. I also had to come up with the picture specs, which was a very interesting experience.


If you think being chased by a single carnivorous dinosaur would be frightening, imagine being cornered by a pack! Is it possible that Tyrannosaurus its predatory cousins hunted together in groups?

Philip Currie, a paleontologist, was intrigued when he read about a dinosaur graveyard that was discovered many years ago by the fossil hunter Barnum Brown. Hoping it would strengthen his ideas on how dinosaurs hunted, he began to follow Brown's footsteps. Would he find the mysterious site that was hidden somewhere in the Candian Badlands?

The book follows Currie's exciting search, and provides an insight into the way scientists ask and try to answer questions about the terrifying giants that roamed our globe millions of years ago.


The ATOS readability score for the book is in the range for High-Low books.
Bearport Publishing Incorporated is a member of the Children's Book Council: