Monday, October 30, 2006

The Albertosaurus Mystery: Philip Currie's Hunt in the Badlands

My latest work, a picture book, has just been released by Bearport Publishing ( It was fun to write a nonfiction book that reads like fiction. I also had to come up with the picture specs, which was a very interesting experience.


If you think being chased by a single carnivorous dinosaur would be frightening, imagine being cornered by a pack! Is it possible that Tyrannosaurus its predatory cousins hunted together in groups?

Philip Currie, a paleontologist, was intrigued when he read about a dinosaur graveyard that was discovered many years ago by the fossil hunter Barnum Brown. Hoping it would strengthen his ideas on how dinosaurs hunted, he began to follow Brown's footsteps. Would he find the mysterious site that was hidden somewhere in the Candian Badlands?

The book follows Currie's exciting search, and provides an insight into the way scientists ask and try to answer questions about the terrifying giants that roamed our globe millions of years ago.


The ATOS readability score for the book is in the range for High-Low books.
Bearport Publishing Incorporated is a member of the Children's Book Council:


Praba said...

Hi Padma-

We love your books! You are a great inspiration to little girls like my daughter. What a terrific writer you are, and your scientific background shines in the topics you choose to write! Authors of your calibre are a rare find in the world of children's literature!
In fact - I just got started on a desi blog to post reviews and links on children's books and authors from India and the US. In fact, I have written a short article on my blog about you and your latest books, which I htought might appeal to Indian mothers in India and the US. A lot of us in the US long to read books that can enrich our children's cross-cultural experiences, and make them get comfortable with their Indian American identities early on. Your books on the amazing animal kingdom are fantastic! Good luck on your future endeavors! Thank you for all your wonderful books!


Padma T. V. (Venkatraman) said...

Thanks, Prabha! It's wonderful to get comments from people like you - that's what keeps me going. I'm so glad you like my work.

Padma T. V. (Venkatraman) said...

P.S. Prabha, I'd love to visit your desi kid's book blog once it's up and running. Do let me know! Also, when your daughter is a bit older, she might enjoy my short-story collection (for ages 9 and above). It's a work of historical fiction, which begins with a story set in the Indian Stone Age and moves forward in time to the Indian freedom struggle. Thanks again!

Praba said...

Hi Padma

Lovely to see your reply. It's so gratifying! Thanks to technology we can get instant gratifications, which all of us (even fans) long for! :-)

Did you see my write-up about you on my blogspace? It was nice to see all the comments, and also the fact that people are in fact finding my reviews useful. Would be neat if ou visit my blog
I would be so happy to incorporate your recommendations/feedback in order to make the site more useful to our desi folks/moms, and in general generate a love for reading among little children.

Thanks once again for your time and lovely books.


Anonymous said...

Dear Padma,

Wow..i was searching for old students of The School and came upon ur site ! what amazing great luck.

What do you like and dislike about The School-KFI? It would be really great to have your views ..I love the focus on real-life issues and the environment but wonder if its a bit more suitable for adults rather than small kids? I mean, shdnt they just acquire a thorough grounding in science, social science etc as in traditional schools before seeing the real world so close?

Thank you, would be wonderful if u could reply ..


Padma T. V. (Venkatraman) said...

How nice to hear from you! I'll send an email soon. Thanks for visiting my site.

james said...

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Veda said...

Padma, you have another die hard fan - I've read climbing the stairs, forbidden temple and mathematwist. Ecah one is so well thought and penned. I am so glad that you are there for the children, helping them get back to reading books.
I teach at The Valley School in Bangalore and have created some activities on 'footloose in the city' last year. Just discovered your teacher's guide. Am sure it will help me work with more ideas and bring in hands on learning for the children. Thanks so much. May you keep rolling out more books for us - teachers and children! :) God bless!
I also wanted to know if you have documented all your articles for educators in a book, that one could buy. I've missed many of them and would love to catch up on reading and using these ideas in class. Please help! Thanks again :)