Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blog Book Tour


I'll be stopping at other blogs to speak about Climbing the Stairs - trying to cover a slightly different theme that relates to the novel each day for the next two weeks. Here's the schedule!

  1. Thursday, May 22nd. Overview of the book and the different themes in the book, questions/issues of current and historical relevance raised in CLIMBING THE STAIRS, and information about writing and publishing at
  2. Friday, May 23rd. Exploring issues of faith, culture and colonization in CLIMBING THE STAIRS; Gandhi and Martin Luther King at Olugbemisola Perkovich’s blog (author of Eight Grade Superzero, coming in 2009).
  3. Saturday, May 24th. Travel, living in different Indian cities and different countries, how this has influenced my writing at
  4. Sunday, May 25th. Being a writing mom, finding time to write, parenthood and writing at
  5. Monday, May 26th. Where were the British colonies during WWII? A few funky facts I unearthed while doing background research for CLIMBING THE STAIRS at author Laura Purdie Salas’s blog.
  6. Tuesday, May 27th. CLIMBING THE STAIRS. The process of writing the novel, weaving together the different threads.
  7. Wednesday, May 28th. Oceanography, research and CLIMBING THE STAIRS. Making my schizophrenia work to my advantage. My (at least two) personalities. What it’s like to spend your 21st birthday on a research vessel at author Greg Fishbone’s blog.
  8. Thursday, May 29th. What exactly is that dot on the forehead all about? Arranged marriages, Women in India in the 1940’s, Indian marriages today, gender equality issues in CLIMBING THE STAIRS, anything else you ever wanted to know about India at author Carrie Jones’s blog.
  9. Friday, May 30th. The grand finale. Moving to America, Becoming an American, Multicultural writing at author Mitali Perkins’s blog.


Andrea said...

Hello Padma. I like your Blog Book Tour. What a nice idea for searching the available titles and resources! Hope all is well there. I'm working on some writing this evening(Saturday). Keep in touch!
Andrea (Chatauqua 2006)

Padma Venkatraman said...

Thanks so much!
Good luck with your writing!

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